The Australian Science Enrolment Project
University of New England


The Australian Science Enrolment Project is the PhD study of John Kennedy.

John was born in England and completed his Master of Physics degree and Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Loughborough University. He taught Physics and Science at a high achieving independent boys school in Nottinghamshire before emigrating to Australia in 2009. He has continued to teach Physics, Computer Science and General Science in Australia at a number of Independent schools in Sydney and is currently Head of Science at St Andrew's Cathedral School in the heart of Sydney.

He is particulalry passionate about the Sciences and sees them not only as a well of important knowledge but as key in developing the 21st Century Skills that both male and female students will find invaluable in the world beyond school. It was his concern about the apparent fall in enrolment numbers in Year 11 science classes that initiated this study which has since grown to encompass more than just school science.